Getting Some Sleep

Last night on the bus was eventful. We immediately picked up a lady who was homeless. Her cart which contained all of her belongings fit perfectly inside the bus. Her name was Patty, she has been homeless for 17 months. She immediately fell asleep and looked quite comfy with the blankets the ladies provided. She…

20 Years Ago

Last night was eventful! We immediately picked up a gentleman named David. He recognized a guy serving with us on the bus. They were in prison together 20 years ago! Crazy! David has three weeks of sobriety under his belt. It was awesome to spend time with him encouraging him. His Daughter drowned three years…

Turkey Drive

We need turkeys! We are 1 month out from our Annual Turkey Drive!!! We need you!! We need your support! We need your prayers! Last year we were blessed with the funds to hand out 613 turkeys! We will be going into The community 2 nights in a row (November 25,26) at two separate locations….

Nothing Greater

Is there anything greater than seeing the lost redeemed?! Last night on the bus was amazing! It rained up until we left for the night, then began raining on the way back to storage. He gave us 2.5 hours of great weather for the streets! God had a plan! We picked up the pizza and…

Lord is Working

We encountered some sad stuff on the bus last night. Yet, so many people were helped. The Lord is always faithful in the storms of life. We picked up a lady (Janet) whom we met about 3.5 years ago. She had left the streets for a few years and remained clean for quite some time….

Sober Mind

The weather was beautiful last night on the bus. We were joined by the lady who was saved on Wednesday. She told us she wanted to join us to see what she was like previously. She wanted to see the streets from a sober mind. The Lord sent us a couple who were on heroin….

Night with Kids

Great night on the bus last night. So many kids from various churches joined us. Lots of them have been adopted, while some were in foster care. It was awesome to see so many kids simply playing and not worrying about their living situations. The piece of property was amazing. It consisted of a splash…

A Ride Home

Thankful for the rain last night on the bus. The Lord opened many doors to give people rides home. There were numerous people out walking. We picked up a guy who was pushing his lawnmower home after a days worth of a work. He has 6 months clean off Meth, and is doing well. We…

Lots of Pizza

Beautiful night on the bus last night. We met lots of new faces. The first guy we met was literally digging in a dumpster. He was hungry physically and spiritually. He ate lots and lots of pizza. He was thankful for food and prayer. He was given resources to contact that will help him. We…


Great night last night. We only had a few people serving with us, yet the Lord showed up like usual. We were able to speak truth into teenagers lives along with many adults. We met some Hispanic guys and despite The language barrier they were very appreciative. We able to give them some Spanish Bibles….