Very Honest

Last night on the bus was great! We had lots of visitors with us. One that stands out was Jason! We picked him up on the streets two weeks ago. He had just gotten out of prison. He is now in an Oxford house. He is now working. He wanted to come out and serve with us on the bus. He is quite intelligent. He has formatted a program designed for people coming out of the penitentiary. It will help them start their own business. This is so needed! We met many new faces out on the streets last night. We gave a gentleman a ride named, Randy. He has been homeless for 18 months. He has three boys. He has been on methamphetamine for six years. He was very honest about his life. He says he wants change, yet he is not quite ready. Please pray for Randy. He is playing with his life every time he uses that meth. Please pray for him to be saved. He needs Jesus to make his path straight. Please pray for all the others we met last night. There is lots of darkness on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yet, Christ is the light that will rescue the lost. HE is our only TRUE HOPE !