Month: April 2024


How the Lord works !!!We went out last night on the bus and the Lord showed up!! First, we met a lady and her daughter who have been living in a hotel. They have enough rent for one more month. She just lost her job. Her daughter is 11 years old. She has full custody….

She wants a breakthrough

Last night on the bus was incredible. We met with some teenage kids, who were walking home. We were able to give them some pizza, bibles and pray with them. Next, we picked up Jonathan. He graduated from Broken Arrow high school last year. He was extremely intelligent. He was taking classes to become a…

Rescue them, Lord!

If you didn’t make it out on the bus last night…You missed out. The night started out fairly slow. Yet, the Lord sent the right people as usual! We met some new faces. Evan, stands  out the most. He lives in an apartment along with his girlfriend (Alecia). They spend most of their days in the…