Emergency Situation

How the Lord works! So we went out last night on the bus. It started out a little slow. There were lots of people out there on the streets. They were all so thankful for the pizza, bibles, and hygiene packs. Yet, here is how the Lord works! A lady came aboard the bus with another guy. They needed a ride to a local apartment complex. As the conversations unfolded we realized the lady was in an emergency situation. She looked uncomfortable. This guy told her they would stay at his “friends” place. He also told her that he would get her some Fentanyl. Well, after we got them separated she explained that she wanted to go with us. She felt unsafe. She had just met this guy a few days ago. She had just left her long term boyfriend who was abusing her. He had strangled her. She was in a desperate situation. She wanted to get clean but the people around her were all on drugs. Until last night!!!  The Lord did a work!  He made a way for her to come off the streets! We have her at an undisclosed location. Lord willing she will be in a program in the next few days!! Please pray for her. The Lord knows her name. The Lord delivers ! Money back guarantee! Please pray the others as well. Please pray for the “guy” as well. He was NOT happy to see her leave with us. The Lord knows his name. This lady could of been raped and/or killed last night. Praise Jesus for rescuing her!! HE gets the glory!