Month: December 2020

Toys and More Toys!

Well the toy drive went incredible. Special Shoutout to the BAFD Nienhuis location. Those firefighters went above and beyond. They truly served their community today. They hung out with us almost 4 hours, escorting us around BA and handing out presents. It was great. There was a young lady (Ashley) who we met. She was…

I Love You

It’s a wrap, folks. Last night was our last outing for 2020. We met many folks who simply needed a ride home or to downtown Tulsa. One gentleman came onboard and asked for a blanket. He was extremely thankful. He kept saying “I love you” over and over. There were many others who were fed….

Giving Rides

Last night on the bus was great. Sebastian brought his friend Tyler and they rode with us all night. We were also joined by a pastor from a church in the area where we do ministry. This church is the one that (Jon) was saved at 20 years ago (Christview Christian Church). It is Crazy…