All Smiles

Scott, Thomas, Christina, and Jesus. These are just a few of the people we met last night out on the streets. Yet, Yandy stands out..  literally!!! We met him months ago. He was in a wheelchair and foot was in very rough shape. It was very infected. He is now walking with a cane. He was smiling. He could not stop smiling. He was so thankful. He kept saying, “remember me, remember me.”. It was quite powerful. He has a brain injury and has a speech impediment. He has a huge heart though. He was all smiles. He was even dressed up very nice. It was great to see. Please pray for him as he continues his healing journey. Please pray for Christina as well. She has been out on the street since June. We are going to help her get her ID. She is looking for work. As soon as the ID happens, the job legitimate will happen. Many of these people get taken advantage of due to the fact they don’t have proper ID. Someone will pay them very little for the work that they do, because the person has no other option. It’s sad. It’s a vicious cycle. Yet, they have to want to get better. They have to want to get back on their feet. The Lord will help them navigate through the unfamiliar territory. It will take faith  to make this happen. There is lots of PRIDE out in the streets, one must humble themselves before the Lord. We must admit our helplessness without HIM. HE is on the throne! HE REIGNS! Please pray for all of these people whom we encountered. The LORD awaits patiently! HIS grace is sufficient in our weakness!