Rescue them, Lord!

If you didn’t make it out on the bus last night…You missed out. The night started out fairly slow. Yet, the Lord sent the right people as usual! We met some new faces. Evan, stands  out the most. He lives in an apartment along with his girlfriend (Alecia). They spend most of their days in the streets looking for drugs. Evan also has a very serious gambling problem. He gets over $4000 a month in disability. He is a Iraq veteran. He suffers from some PTSD, along with other things. As soon as he gets his check, it can be gone within hours from gambling. He also is a IV drug user. Fentanyl is his drug of choice. He went through a divorce about 3 years ago. He has not spoke to his kids since. His 3 kids range from 20 years old to 13 years old. We were able to share the Gospel with him. He was receptive at first. At one point he came aboard the bus to talk more. However, Alecia got involved and got him off the bus. Please pray for Evan. Please pray for Alecia as well. She definitely has some demonic activity going on in her life. Please pray for them both to be radically saved by the power of the Gospel. The Lord will do a mighty work in their lives. However, they must surrender! Please pray for them to be protected from Fentanyl. There are lots of dirty drugs on the streets. It’s like playing Russian roulette, multiple times every single day. Please pray for all of the people we encountered last night. There are so many people near death, on the streets of Tulsa. Pray for them to be rescued from the stronghold of Satan. The Lord defeated Satan  on Calvary. SIN has been defeated! HE is not in the tomb any longer. HE REIGNS and RESCUES every second of the day!