Month: January 2017

Thank you, Claremore Faith Baptist

Great night tonight. So thankful for the youth group (Claremore Faith Baptist) joining us. These youth really have a heart for people. They were praying with folks, feeding folks, and building relationships with folks. I don’t believe I saw any of them on their phones. Pretty impressive. Also thankful for all the hygiene care packages,…

Lives Being Changed

Tonight was touching. But first, let me tell you about the phone call I received this morning. I spoke with Terry (a former prostitute and crack addict) who is now 5 months clean! After five months in a loving center for abused women etc, she is studying for her GED at the age of 45!…

A New Year of Ministry on the Bus

Great night tonight. It is a new year, and we met lots of new faces tonight. We met folks who are in desperate need of surrendering their lives to Jesus. Their sin is running its course, and they are so tired. We had lots of opportunities to love people and share God’s word with them….