Month: August 2016

Life Change!

This pretty much sums up last night on the bus. Watching this guy walk around and love on people was priceless. His drug dealer didn’t quite know how to comprehend the situation. He has new life in Christ! Keep him in your prayers in the coming days. He will be going into a program today….

Prince of Peace

Words can’t describe this night on the bus. We had so many folks come out to serve tonight. Lot of women came out and God showed up like usual. Here we go… Met Miguel and spent hours talking to him, he was hungry physically and spiritually!!! He wanted to get his girlfriend when she got…

Bats and Pizza

Great night on the bus. We drove around all night and found one homeless guy? His name was Doug, 54 years old, 3 kids. We ask “whatcha doing tonight brother”? He replies “I’m on vacation” !! He rode with us all night, and we were able to talk with him. We also met some real…