Month: December 2019

The End of the Night

Last night on the bus was great. We were able to give rides to many to avoid bus fares. We picked up a gentleman (Brandon) who is homeless. He has had quite a rough life. He lost his 10 month old child, his sister and her boyfriend in an auto accident years ago. He has…


Last night was very touching. The night began with forgiveness. A gentleman had reached out last week regarding serving with us. He explained that he was recently saved and wanted to get plugged into a outreach ministry. So he comes out and meets our team…One of our team members stared at him (thinking she knows…

PB&J’s, Bibles, & Salvation

How HE works!! We were able to take out the Double decker bus last night. The weather was beautiful. The bus ran great! We started the night by giving away 30 boxes of PB@J to numerous ministries and a daycare. We met so many folks walking the streets. Randy found us and was very emotional….