3 Weeks in a Row

Last night on the bus was incredible. What  are the chances of us picking up the same guy for the past 3 weeks? That’s how God works! Please pray for this gentleman. His name is Israel. He struggles with drug use and demonic witchcraft stuff. He will literally come aboard the bus and things will be going great.. then he has to go immediately. This happens in dramatic fashion. The Lord will rescue out of the Dominion of Darkness! Please pray! Next,  we picked up Jason. He got out of the penitentiary yesterday. He has already called us today. We are working on getting a job interview for him. He got in an awesome place to live today!! The Lord is working ! We also met up with Aubrey. We met him last week on the bus. We are working on getting him an ID. Please pray for all of these men. The Lord protects. The Lord Provides. The Lord gets the glory! We are thankful for everyone who came out and served with us last night. We are thankful for all the visitors who joined us. The Lord is faithful! Getoutofthebus.org