Month: December 2017

Selfless & Homeless

Touching night on the bus last night. One thing that stands out is the way homeless folks share. One guy had a whole pizza and immediately began to share with others. He went to the other homeless folks and made sure they got some pizza. Very humbling. We met lots of folks in the community,…

Need a Ride!

Great night last night. We did not encounter any homeless folks! We did encounter lots of folks who were getting their lives back on track. From the young man who was covered in tattoos from head to toe to the senior citizen that simply needed a ride. Lots of folks were fed and prayed for….

Pouring into Families

Great night on the bus. Thankful for space heaters and generators! We met so many folks last night that were homeless. They were able to get a hot meal, hygiene packs, and bibles. We also met a Hispanic gentlemen (Hector) with 15 kids! He has been with his wife for 39 years (he was 15…