Month: February 2021

Pray for Elizabeth

Last night was great. The weather was beautiful. We met lots of new faces. The Lord sent us lots of people who were in need. They were fed physically and spiritually. We met Elizabeth, she is 31 years old. She has lost 3 out of 4 kids to DHS. She has been drugs since she was…

Truckload of Bibles

How the Lord works! A businessman just delivered a truckload of bibles to my house! All leather! Large print! Pumped!! Amen!!! Incredible!

Lots of New People

Last night on the bus was great. We went a different route and decided on Admiral boulevard. There were lots of new people we met on the streets. We met a young man, his girlfriend, and his mother. They were all alcoholics. They started drinking at a very young age. We were able to talk…