This is the Church

How the Lord works!! So we have been ministering to a refugee family from Afghanistan. They literally came here with nothing. Thry are a family of 5. They have went from a Studio apartment to now a 2 bedroom apartment. They are extremely grateful people. Last week I posted about their need of a washer and dryer. Preferably a brand new set.. They have been washing everything in the bathtub and hanging it over there patio. 

So here is what happened. 

First donor-200

Second -150 

3rd (giving this week) 100

4th donor (anonymous guy on Facebook) 950

Do the math.. with money leftover !!

This is the Church. Everyone coming together to help a family in need! That’s the God we worship. HE uses people to carry out his work. That is HUMBLING! 

So thankful! HE gets the glory! 

Brand New set. All attachments. With warranty. Praise HIM.