Basketball in the Rain

It was a little rainy last night out on the bus. Yet, the Lord provided. We ended up finding some teenagers playing basketball (in the rain). We were able to talk with them while they ate pizza and joked around. We were also able to give out lots of Bibles to them. We are thankful for that opportunity. We hit the streets and met a few people out and about. Most people just needed rides out of the rain. One particular lady (Lakeisha) was getting her life in order. She has big plans. She wants to start a cleaning business. She had a large janitorial trashcan with all of her cleaning supplies inside. She had just purchased everything at Home Depot. She was trying to get home. She has six children. She wants to start to support herself. She has been in a bad domestic situation.
We gave her a ride to the bus station. She lives out in North Tulsa. Next, we picked up Bill. Bill has quite a story. He was married for 21 years. He had his own business. He was in the asphalt business with 13 trucks. His wife died in 2017 and he basically gave up on life. Six months ago he gave his life to Christ and now stays at the John 3:16 mission. He works two jobs. He is getting back on his feet. The Lord continues to send people in his perfect timing as usual. The Lord is faithful. We are thankful for all the support this of this ministry. We are thankful more importantly, for all who pray for this ministry. The Lord shows up every week. HE is faithful!