Waiting on the Bus

We had a great night on the bus last night. We hit the streets and picked up two people to ride with us. They were waiting at the bus stop for the city bus. They were very thankful for the ride. They are both believers. Their names were Danelle and John. Danelle has 3 months clean. She is in a local program. We were able to encourage her and pray with her. John was a very nice gentleman.  His wife is on dialysis and is struggling with health issues. We were able to take him to the downtown bus station. One of our guys gave him a new Bible. As he got off the bus he asked for all of us to sign the Bible. He said “PEOPLE that LOVED me…Showed me Love today “. Pretty powerful stuff! That’s the God we worship! Jesus is alive and well! HE REIGNS! Please pray for all of the people we met last night. Please pray for the ones that don’t know Jesus to be rescued from the  dominion of darkness. JESUS will do it.