God’s Plan

Last night on the bus was incredible. We were joined by members of Action Church. The night started out slow, but ended strong. We had a Hispanic pastor riding with us as well. We encountered lots of Hispanic people which rarely happens. This was in God’s plan! Lots of these guys were just out mowing yards, working on cars, or just walking home. We were able to minister to them. They were extremely thankful for the pizza and prayer. We met a young lady named Samantha, she was sitting on a park bench at a local church. She was there to attend a celebrate recovery meeting that had been canceled. She explained that she did not have a ride home. We were able to give her a ride and minister to her as well. One of our ladies sat with her the whole evening pouring life into her. She was Very nice and extremely thankful. She literally wept as we prayed for her. She has lost custody of her children due to drug use. She now has 103 days of sobriety. Amen!! Yet, the highlight of the night was a gentleman who was riding with us (Jeff). He came out with the church as mentioned above. Jeff was very nervous when he came aboard the bus, he didn’t know what to do or expect. We assured him the Holy Spirit will equip him to minister to people. Jeff told us at the end of the evening that he had never prayed publicly for someone out in the open. He did last night fir the first time! He also explained that he was previously homeless for about two years on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was incredible watching the Lord work in his life last night. The Lord always sends just the right people, at just the right moment for HIS glory. The Lord will use anyone for HIS work.The Great Commission Is a command. We must make ourselves available for the Lord to use us. HE will do the rest! He is on the throne! HE will never fail us!