Confused but Shared the Truth

Great night on the bus. We were joined by a Hispanic Pastor (Alfredo) and his wife. We have been encountering lots of Hispanics lately. God always orchestrates just the right people in HIS perfect timing. There were lots of people out working repairing streets etc. They were very thankful for the pizza and prayer. We also met four guys who were working at a dispensary. The Lord opened that door to engage in conversation about the Gospel and salvation. We were able to give them all Bibles. One of the guys was confused on how we become saved. The Bible was used to show him the TRUTH. This TRUTH will set him free. The Gospel is set in place, there is nothing that we can add to it. There are no amount of good deeds or merit that can earn us a ticket into heaven. Our good deeds mean nothing without Christ transforming our sinful hearts. Everything we do should be done for HIS glory. We must address the sin issue, it can only be dealt with by the blood of Christ on Calvary. We deserved death but Christ died in our place. We are SAVED THROUGH GRACE BY FAITH alone. Jesus will either be Lord of our life or we make him out to be liar. Lord willing this young man as well as the others will join us for lunch in the future. Please pray for these men along with all of the others we encountered last night. Christ is our HOPE