A Different Route

Last night was incredible. We ended up taking a different route-Gods plan. We picked up (Jackie) approx 60 years old. She was a very sweet lady who has had a rough few years. She has been raped twice while on the streets. She has lost a daughter to murder, and another daughter is missing. Jackie doesn’t use drugs or drink. She came here to escape an abusive relationship. Someone attempted to steal her identity and her Monthly income. She has a meeting this afternoon with a social worker to get her housing. We gave her options regarding expediting this process.  There were many more on the streets last night. We had the opportunity to pray with so many. We met Darren. He has been homeless for six months. He is a veteran. He was laid off from his job due to Covid. He was very thankful for the pizza. Lord willing, he will follow through on the plan we lined out for him. The night ended at the Quiktrip at 11th and Garnett. We met a gentleman named Derek. He was once a highly recruited basketball star in Oklahoma. He ended up getting back surgery, then addicted to pain pills, then IV heroin use, and now Fentanyl daily. He shoots up multiple times every day. He is now 34 years old. His body is weathered; the drugs have taken its toll on his 6’8 frame. Please pray for him. He is just one shot away from death. He told us that he knows three people in the past month who have overdosed on it. The Lord can do the miraculous in freeing one from addiction. Please pray for everyone we met last night. HE is mighty to save. HE transforms lives daily. The Lord is faithful. Bless you.