Life Changing Decisions

First night out in 2021 was great. We met lots of new faces. There were lots of people in one particular parking lot. We had the opportunity to minister to many hurting people. We met a gentleman (Drew) who has some life changing decisions to make. Please pray for him to surrender his addiction to Jesus. We met many others who were in need of pants and coats. Thankful for all who continually donate these necessities! One gentleman settled for some size 34’s, he wears a 38.. and he was thankful! We are so blessed and fortunate to have what we have. Do not take your life for granted. There were  many others whom we had the opportunity to pray with last night. People were thankful for the pizza, prayer, bibles, and simply the warm bus. Thankful to our (2) mechanics who got the bus running correctly!  Thankful to have a heated bus! Count your blessings! We could use some more ESV bibles! We are running quite low! Thanks in advance ! Bless you!