Lord is Working

We encountered some sad stuff on the bus last night. Yet, so many people were helped. The Lord is always faithful in the storms of life. We picked up a lady (Janet) whom we met about 3.5 years ago. She had left the streets for a few years and remained clean for quite some time. She is now back in the prostitution business and on meth. She was strangled and stabbed about a month ago. She could not speak loud due to her vocal cords being damaged. The guy has been arrested for this crime. Yet, she is back in the streets. She was given numerous options for help last night. She has some decisions to make. We cannot make these for her. She needs to choose life. She says she was saved in the program previously. Our ladies spoke truth into her life. Please pray for Janet to take the steps in the right direction. The Lord sent us another gentleman (Clint) whom had just been beaten with a pipe. He was crying and very distraught. He was pretty banged up and had multiple abrasions. Our ladies were able to fix him up with a first aid kit. We dropped him off at his friends apartment. He is going to contact us for a ID card and a job. The Lord is moving on so many lives. HE sent so many others to witness to. A Muslim gentleman was given a pizza and the scriptures were explained to him. He and his friend were thankful. The Lord is faithful. Thankful for the prayers every week. HE hears and answers every time. Bless you!