Sober Mind

The weather was beautiful last night on the bus. We were joined by the lady who was saved on Wednesday. She told us she wanted to join us to see what she was like previously. She wanted to see the streets from a sober mind. The Lord sent us a couple who were on heroin. They were in rough shape. They both have lost custody of their children due to their addiction. This young lady sat back and observed this couple. She was thankful for what the Lord has done in her life. She has 11 days clean today. She got a full time job yesterday!  She starts Monday! Please continue to pray for her! We were joined last night my some missionaries who will be serving in Mexico. It was great having them serve with us. We met a wide variety of folks on the streets of Tulsa. There were so many were prayed for. There were many who heard the Good News! There were so many people who were fed last night physically and spiritually! A little girl was blessed with some new toys! Thankful for all who came out last night. Thankful for all who donated this week! Thankful for the donated straw hat! HIS timing is always perfect! HE REIGNS! HE gets the glory!!