They All have a Story

How the Lord works! We met so many new faces on the bus last night ! Israel, Maurice, Devin, Troy, are just a few of the names. They all have a story! God has a plan for their lives ! We also met a couple with young children, they are staying at a local shelter. These boys were so thankful  for the (kids) bibles and pizza.  Please pray for these boys.  Pray for their parents to stay clean. They struggle with meth. The Lord also continues to work behind the scenes as well!  Caleb is no longer living in a tent! He is off the streets ! Lowes gave him a full time position!! That is how God works ! HE provides ! Next, Matt has now  been sober for 6 weeks! He is in a local program! He is being poured into daily! They are speaking life into his life! He had been drinking for as long as he can remember! 6 weeks clean ! Powerful! The Lord is always working !  HE is faithful ! Please continue to pray for  these two men, as well as all the others we ministered to! God answers prayer!