Thankful to get a Bible

We met so many new faces last night on the bus! KC, Dave, Terry, Shadow, Rochelle, Chris,
Cornelius and Ellen are just a few of their names..The Lord is so faithful. Every one of these people have a unique story. God made them precious in HIS sight. Dave and KC have severe back and neck problems. They both have had very big surgeries in the past. They really need to get these issues addressed. Please pray that they call us. We have the ability to connect them with people who can line them out with insurance. These guys were so nice. It was very evident that they were in lots of pain. Please pray for all of the other names as well. We met another gentleman who was very thankful to get a Bible. He said he had been studying some scripture on his phone, but he does not always have Internet access. He was hoping that he could get a Bible. Well, he got one last night. He was all smiles. We are thankful for everyone who came out with us last night. We are thankful for those who support this ministry on a continual basis. We are thankful for Jesus, who rescues from the dominion of darkness. HE is faithful!