Curious about the Gospel

Great night on the bus!! We grabbed the pizzas @ 31st and Garnett and picked up a young family. They had purchased a car yesterday and it already had broke down on them. We were able to give them a ride home to North Tulsa and minister to them the whole time. Very sweet couple. He is 21. She is 20. They have two children with one on the way. Then we met Scott out in North Tulsa. He was on his bicycle. He just got divorced after 22 years of Marriage. He was in need of a tire for his vehicle. He just took a new job at Saint Francis Hospital. We will be getting him a tire this morning for his vehicle. He was extremely appreciative. Next, we met up with Mike. Mike is homeless. He struggles with drug dependency. He was very curious about the gospel. He was searching for purpose.  We had the opportunity to share some of the gospel with him, but all of the sudden he had to go. The enemy is very real. Please pray for Mike as he battles these demons. We also met up with Robert. Robert is homeless as well. He is 6’5 and 62 years old. He has a bad back. His body is weak. He was really struggling to walk. We were able to give him a ride back to his van that he lives in. He struggles with depression. He was extremely thankful for the ride, pizza, hygiene stuff and prayer. Please pray for all of these we met. Pray specifically for Mike’s salvation. The enemy is like a roaring lion, Looking for someone to devour. He is relentless. He wants all men to perish. Yet, God has the final say. He calls all men to be saved that they would NOT PERISH. The battle has been WON on Calvary. His Blood was shed so that all humans would have the opportunity to be saved. Romans 10:9 is key. One MUST surrender their sin to HIM in saving faith! HE must be LORD of our lives. Religion won’t save anyone. A relationship with JESUS WILL. HE will rescue from the Dominion of Darkness! The Christian life is worth living. Christs gets the Glory!