Took Out the New Bus

How the Lord works! Last night was incredible. We took out our new bus out for the first time. Well, it’s a new used bus. A shuttle bus. We hit the streets and picked up a young lady (Amanda). She was walking home. She just got a job at the local hospital (Hillcrest). She started serving people water, and pizza like she does this every week! It was very cool. Next we picked up a guy named (Allen). He was having chest pains. He was walking to the hospital. He insisted on eating some delicious pizza! We dropped him at the Emergency Room with Pizza in hand! He kept thanking us repeatedly. He was such a nice guy. Please pray for him! Finally we met a Gentleman (Robert, 34 years old). He was at the gas pump getting fuel. He was an Afghanistan veteran (airborne division). He was in for 8 year. He struggles with purpose. He is now separated from his wife. He just wants to see his kids. We were able to pray with him and get him some gas. He was extremely thankful. There were many more that we met last night. We met another gentleman who has been on the streets for 15 years. The struggle is real. Please pray for all of the people that we ministered to last night. Please pray for them to be rescued from the dominion of darkness. The Lord will do it! Thankful for all of the donors who support this ministry! Thankful  for the new bus! Thankful for Jesus. HE IS LORD!