Lifegate Freedom Ranch

Last night at the Lifegate Freedom Ranch (Sapulpa) was incredible. The Lord is doing a mighty work out there. They now own the property! The place has been remodeled inside and out. It looks incredible. The Lord provides! They can now house up to 50 men there ! It is a great recovery program. They now have a food bank for the community (3 days a week). They now have mental health staff on site. The list goes on to what the Lord  is doing out there!  The Lord provides! HE is so faithful! They gave us the pulpit to preach. The Lord moved like usual! We were able to fellowship with so many men. They all have a story! Thankful for all who came out to serve! Thankful for all the Bible’s that were donated. Thankful for Al the Little Caesars pizza. Huge thanks to our partnership with Prep’D Tulsa for providing meals for the men. These meals will save them lots of money on lunch when they go to work. Thankful for Jesus. HE orchestrated the whole evening. HE holds the keys to life!