Sober Since December

Great night on the bus. We were joined by multiple guests to serve with us. Most importantly we were joined by James! He is a gentleman we met last week. He lives close to where we serve and we picked him up. He is excited to serve King Jesus. He has been sober since December. We are excited to see what the Lord will do with his life. We met many more new faces last night. We met (Leroy) he was exited to explain his dream of building bicycles for those less fortunate. Lord willing we can partner up with him to make his dream a reality. The Lord sent so make others who were in need last night. From the women working the streets to folks just walking home. The Lord loves them all. HE is so faithful. The double decker bus was giving us some airbag issues, yet the Lord got it home on its own power! We look forward to getting our ”newer” bus soon. Lord willing! We are just waiting on the insurance company to settle out on the other bus claim. The Lord always provides! Has REIGNS!!