New Life in Christ

How the Lord works ! Last night on the bus was great. We hit the streets and met lots of new faces. Dennis came aboard. He was our first passenger. He was walking his broken bicycle. He lives in a local sober living house. He just finished up a phone call with his wife whom he has been married to for 25 years. It is a very toxic marriage. He explained that he had done meth with her earlier in the day.. He told her that he could not do meth with her any longer. Next thing he knows the bus pulls up offering him pizza. He kept saying “this is a sign from God”. We went through the Gospel  thoroughly with him. He was quite emotional. Yet, his life changed last night. He received NEW LIFE IN CHRIST! He cried out to Jesus asking him to save him of his sins. He has already called the us today. He is going to a celebrate recovery meeting tonight. He is excited for church this Sunday! The Lord showed up! The Lord is so faithful! We gave Donnie a ride home. He was so thankful. Please pray for Donnie as well as all the others we met last night. The Lord still rescues sinners from Darkness! HE reigns! Join us next week!