Epic Night

Last night on the bus was epic.. we had lots of people serving with us. We had a group of women who have been sober for quite some time. They hit the streets pouring into women immediately. They were able to share their story and show them were true HOPE comes from. The Lord sent a wide variety of people to us for us to minister to last night. The Lord allowed us to give multiple people rides home. We picked up one family and took them to their apartment complex. The Lord opened up all kinds of opportunities to pray with people there. It was very hot out. We had cases of water with us that were ice cold. People were very thankful for the water. We were able to show them in whom the LIVING water is found. Yet, what stood out the most is what happened after everyone had left the parking lot at the end of the night. Genevieve and I happen to be there still. The bus was acting up a little bit and I was working on it. A truck pulls in with one of my old coworkers. He found out yesterday that he is getting for custody of his daughter. He has been fighting for this for years. He and his fiance were quite emotional. The Lord allowed us to pray with them right there in the parking lot. It was very touching. It was a divine appointment. I have never had the opportunity to pray with this man before. He lives a wild and eventful life . Please pray for him and his fiancée as they embark on this new journey. Please pray for their hearts to be softened towards the Gospel. The Lord can and will do the miraculous. Please pray for all the other people we met last night. Please pray specifically for the young women that we met on the streets. Lots of them have lost their kids to the system. Lots of them have no one in their lives any longer. They are out there on the street all alone . They are very vulnerable. Please pray for the relationships to continue to be built with these women. Please pray for them to surrender their addiction, their hangups, and their burdens To the ONE WHO SAVES. HE gives LIVING WATER. JESUS SAVES!