Interesing Night

Interesting night on the bus. We started out by ministering to a gentleman very close to where we meet every week. He was staying under the BA expressway. The bus decided to act up and blew an air hose soon thereafter. We are very thankful that we were not out in the streets when this occurred. We were in a parking lot. We are very thankful to have Mechanics serving with us every week. They were able to find the broken hose and make a very temporary repair to get the bus back to storage immediately. Our team continued on in their personal vehicles and ministered to lots of folks. They were able to give out lots of pizza and pray with so many people. They met a gentleman named James, he was very interested in attending a celebrate recovery meeting. He also is looking for a church home. They met many others last night. They met a gentleman named Chris along with his girlfriend. They were able to plant seeds of Hope into their lives. So thankful that regardless of the bus situation, the mission continued last night. Thankful for Jesus, who is the AUTHOR AND PERFECTER of our faith. Thankful for HIM rescuing reckless sinners daily.