Extremely Blessed

Great night on the bus. We met lots of new faces. There were lots of people in need of prayer and pizza. They were nourished spiritually and physically. We met a couple (Gage and Sarah), they were in their early 20’s. Both of them struggle with meth. Gage just got out of jail. We were able to minister to them both. We also met Shawn who was an older gentleman who recently lost his brother to cirrhosis of his liver. Shawn also struggles with alcohol himself. He was extremely thankful for prayer and pizza. The Lord also opened up the door for us to give Tyree a ride home from work again. He works at Little Caesars where we buy pizza at every week. We were also able to give an older lady a ride home. Lord willing she is going to start joining us on Thursday nights. She was very interested in the ministry. She is a believer. A lady (Miriam) who has served with us nearly every week is moving to Chicago. We will miss Miriam so much. She has been a tremendous blessing to the ministry over the last few years. We know the Lord has big things in store for her future !  The Lord continues to send people in desperate need of HOPE every week. HE HAS RISEN! HE is on the throne forever! Please pray for all of those whom we had the opportunity to minister to! The Lord will rescue from the dominion of darkness! Bless you!