Long Term Housing

Last night was incredible. We were joined by (2) youth groups! Lots of exciting things happened.. First and foremost Terri got her drivers license and a car!! It’s been 10 years !! The Lord continues to do amazing things in her life! Next, we hit the streets and met a few people. We Met Tiffany..she came aboard and rode with us all evening. As I drove the bus I overheard a teenager Sharing his testimony and the Gospel with her ! So powerful! We also picked up a married couple (Dawn, Michael). Michael was in a wheelchair and has multiple health issues. They have been on the streets for 2 weeks. They were so thankful to be out of the cold. We were able to drop them off at a hotel along with Tiffany. We have reached out to housing solutions to try and get them off the streets permanently. Please pray specifically for long term housing for them. Please pray for all of the people we ministered to. There are so many people still out on the streets. There are so many out there that simply want to be loved. The Lord will do what only he can do, HE is not the God of confusion. HE is author and perfecter of our faith. It is in CHRIST where HOPE can be found!  Getoutofthebus.org