Toys and More Toys!

Well the toy drive went incredible. Special Shoutout to the BAFD Nienhuis location. Those firefighters went above and beyond. They truly served their community today. They hung out with us almost 4 hours, escorting us around BA and handing out presents. It was great. There was a young lady (Ashley) who we met. She was sitting in her car all by herself at the church. She was bummed out about not having any money for presents for her daughter. Her husband recently was laid off and she works at Sonic. She is pregnant with their second child. She did not know that we were there today. One of our ladies had the opportunity to pray with her. She was crying and so thankful all at the same time. That’s how God works! Thankful for all who served with us today. Thankful for all who donated all the toys. Thanks again to the BAFD for going above and beyond serving your community! May the Lord Bless all of them and keep them safe. May the Lord continue to bless those who are less fortunate! Bless you!