Tired & Weary

Great night on the bus last night. The Weather turned out beautiful. We picked up Janet who is a prostitute. We Have known her for years. She is tired and weary. The Lord awaits to give her rest! We gave her options for long term housing and treatment. Please pray for her to make wise decisions. The Lord sent us many more to witness to. We met a gentleman named Thomas. He was married for 16 years. He has been on meth for the past 5 years. He has been on the streets for 2 years. He says he has been saved. He admits to his struggles. He wants to get well. We gave him options. We gave him a Bible. He devoured lots of pizza.  Please pray for him to go to the facility that we offered him. The Lord will change his life! We met so many more people last night. We met a lady who had broken down at Quicktrip, as well

As a gentleman who needed a ride to North Tulsa. The Gospel was shared with multiple people. God will give the increase. We will be faithful to share HIS GOOD NEWS. HE will do the rest. HE is faithful. Thankful for all who joined us last night. Thankful for all who support us and pray on a continuous basis. Bless you!