Back to the Streets

Well last night was our first night being back on the streets officially. We attempted the past two weeks only to break down. However, last night went great. I believe HE has the transmission issue under control. We were joined last night by the Mobile Missions Outreach team. It was incredible. We immediately picked up a guy name Eric. He explained that just minutes earlier a guy tried to get him in his car to do drugs with him. He refused. He has 14 days of sobriety. He was hungry. He was very emotional. He was thankful. The gospel was explained to him thoroughly. Please pray for him to make the greatest decision of his life. He is close. We continued on to meet many other people on the streets. So many people were fed. So many people were thankful. We met a 13-year-old kid named Braxton. The gospel was given to him thoroughly. He kept telling his friends to be quiet and was pushing them away. He comes from a broken home and things are rough. He was thankful for the Bible we gave him.  Please pray for him to trust in the one who has the power to comfort, when the trials of life come.  We met so many new faces. These people just want to be loved. We had another gentleman come over to us just to tell us that his cousin is now sober. He is also working a full-time job. We met him on the bus a few months back. Powerful! That is the God we worship! The Lord showed up as usual. So thankful for everyone who came out last night. Thankful for a LIVING, LOVING, SAVIOR who REDEEMS the Lost! HE is faithful!