Eventful Evening

Last night was quite eventful on the bus. It was exciting to see a couple (Fred and Rose) come out with us! We met them on the streets 4 years ago. They were homeless and strung out on drugs. The Lord has done amazing things in their lives. They have been off drugs and the streets for 2 years now! They are working! They have a car! They have housing! That’s how the Lord works! We ministered to many others who were on the streets. Unfortunately the bus was having electrical issues again. Yet, the Lord was faithful to send many people to pour life into! People just kept coming inside the bus. They found us! We didn’t need to drive around ! A young lady was ministered to by one of our senior adult ladies ! So powerful to see older folks pouring into the younger generation! Please pray for this young lady (Sammie). She has some decisions to make. She explained how her 16 year old son tells her “mom I love you so much, please get off the drugs”. Sammie must make that decision. She knows the Lord. HE is ready and willing to help her. She must surrender this aspect of her life. We met so many others last night. There were so many who were fed spiritually and physically. Lots of blankets were handed out. Lots of bibles were given away. We ended the evening watching The Tulsa Fire Department put out a hotel fire. We are thankful for them and their service! It was quite a fire! Please pray for this electrical issue with the bus. We are thankful to have the double decker bus to use in the meantime.  The Lord always provides! Thursday nights always happen. HE always sends just the right people in HIS perfect timing! Thankful for all who came out. Thankful for all who donate to make all of this possible. Thankful for those who pray diligently for this ministry. The Lord hears and answers prayer for HIS GLORY! Bless you!