Contemplating Life

How the Lord works! We met lots of new faces on the streets. We met a gentleman named Lane, he was walking home from his job at Reasors. We were able to pray for him. We met Christopher who just got out of prison. He was thankful for the pizza and prayer. There were many more we met yet, here is where the night got exciting. We were on our way back heading down 11th street. We had one pizza left…So we see this lady out walking and we begin to talk with her. She literally says “I was just contemplating my life, and where I will spend eternity. I was just walking and thinking about everything going on in this world and how my heart is not right”. She talked of her need to Repent!  These are her words Not ours. True story!! How HE works! She explains her situation, how she and her husband help his brother run a car lot there on 11th St. Her husband is illegal and trying to get his paperwork handled so he can become a legal US citizen. The brother is taking advantage of them and they work for nearly nothing every day. She was completely broken. She was very discouraged. So we begin talking about the Bible, and about Jesus, and eternity. We go through the Romans Road with her. We go to Acts 2:38…She is getting emotional at this point. She says she wants to follow Jesus in saving faith. She wants a NEW LIFE  IN CHRIST! The Lord is moving! So about 15 minutes later…she prays right there on the bus.. calling out to Jesus to save her from her sin!! That’s the God we worship! It gets better! She then explains how her husband has nothing to protect him from the rain while working on the cars at the car lot. We “just happened” to have a big yellow Rain coat donated to us this week!!! Yep, That happened! We never have rain coats on the bus, but we had one last night! We were able to give her lots of blankets, bibles, and that last pizza for her husband to enjoy. We were able to walk her back to the car lot and meet her husband. Someone had even donated dog treats this week. That never happens. They happened to have a dog! This is the God we worship. HE orchestrated the whole night. HE ended it to show HIS GLORY! Please pray for Carina. Please pray for her husband to be saved. Please pray for his legal situation for citizenship. Please pray for their living situation. Lord willing they will be in church this Sunday!  HE REIGNS! Bless you!