This is how God Works

Great night on the bus. The night started out very slow. We did not see many people out on the street whatsoever. However, the night ended strong. We met up with some people who we ministered to on the streets about a year ago. Patience and Marquis are now expecting a baby. She is 5 months pregnant. We will get them plugged into the necessary  resources for the Pregancy. They say they have been sober for 3 months. We met up with another couple who have been off the streets for 1 week. We dropped them off at a guys house. He is letting them stay in his garage. They were given lots of blankets for the cold temps. They were thankful. As they got off the bus the gentleman Says “we need to pray right now, because this is how God works”. Very cool! HE is exactly right. It was not by chance that we picked them up. It was a divine appointment! Please pray for these couples and for the others we met. The Lord is working! Thankful for all who came out. Thankful for all who pray for the ministry. Thankful to have a bus with heat back on the road! God gets the glory for the evening! Bless you!