Meeting Needs

Last night on the bus was incredible. The Lord sent lots of people to minister to. We met a gentleman named Kirk. He was riding his bicycle home from Taco Bueno. He had a sad story. He lived in a South Tulsa Home for 30 years before becoming a victim of identity theft. He lost his home, his savings, and everything attached to his name. He has been in his apt now for 1 year. He sleeps on a cot. He was actually very thankful to have a roof over his head. He was on the streets prior to the apartment. Things are coming together for him. We will be furnishing his entire apartment, thanks to a ministry partner (Tulsa Sharehouse). He is excited to get his own bed. He started crying and giving thanks. There were many more we met. Some simply needed a ride home. Others needed clothing and sleeping bags. The Lord provided above and beyond like usual. So many people were fed. So many people were prayed for. Bibles were handed out. Thankful for all who came out to serve. Thankful for all who pray for us every week. Thankful for all who donate every week. The Lord is so faithful. Bless you!