Cold Night but Meeting Needs

Last night was extremely cold on the bus. We had to take out the double decker bus. The other bus (with heat) is back in the shop. God sent lots of folks in need of warm clothing, sleeping bags, food, and bibles. We met a nice guy named Brandon. He has been living in a tent for quite some time. He rode with us all evening. He was happy to just sit and talk with someone. He wants to get off the streets. We gave him options to make this happen. Please pray that he takes the help that we offered him. The Lord sent many others who were hungry physically and spiritually. The Lord always sends the perfect divine appointments. A gentleman (Gene) received a bicycle that someone donated to the ministry. He was thankful. We take so many things for granted. Be thankful for the shelter that the Lord has provided you. HE reigns! HE is faithful! Please pray for all of the people we encountered. Please pray that the finances come together for the other bus repair. Please pray for the shop to be honest. The Lord will honor HIS WORD. Thankful for all who came out with us! Bless you!