Share of Heartaches

Last night on the bus was great. It was our first outing for the new year. The Lord showed up like usual. We picked up Kevin as our first passenger. He had his dog with him. They have been on the streets for about a month. He is 53 years old and been on drugs since the age of 8. He was struggling. He got saved at 28 years old. He is a tattoo artist by trade. Life has had its share of heartaches. He has been through things that no one should have to endure. He says he wants to get sober. We gave him options to make this happen. We had the opportunity to pray with Kevin along with many others. We picked up a couple walking home and dropped them off. So many people were fed spiritually and physically. We gave out a few bibles along with some clothes. Thankful for all who came out with us. Thankful for all who donate to make this happen every week. Thankful for Jesus who is rich in MERCY! Please pray for all of the folks we encountered. The Lord will rescue them from the dominion of darkness!!