The End of the Night

Last night on the bus was great. We were able to give rides to many to avoid bus fares. We picked up a gentleman (Brandon) who is homeless. He has had quite a rough life. He lost his 10 month old child, his sister and her boyfriend in an auto accident years ago. He has been drinking heavily and using meth ever since. He rode with us all evening, while being ministered to by one of our guys. At the end of the night he trusted Christ in saving faith!! Please pray for Brandon to take the help that was offered to him. We met many other new people last night. They were so thankful for the prayers, food, blankets, and bibles. The Lord showed up as usual! HE REIGNS! Thankful for all who came out! Thankful for all who pray for the this ministry! Thankful for all who donate to make this possible! See you next year! Bless you!