One True Hope Jesus Christ

Last night on the bus was incredible. We had a few new people serving with us. We’re always thankful when we have new people coming out with us. It is encouraging! We immediately picked up a Gentleman at the bus stop and he rode with us all evening. He had quite the testimony. Extremely nice guy. We gave him a ride to John 3:16 mission. We met lots of new faces out on the streets. Yet, what stood out for the evening was a gentleman named, Shawn. We met him under a bridge. He was out there all by himself. He was about 30 years old. Two of our guys ministered to him. He explained that this past year has been extremely rough. He lost both of his parents, siblings and he’s all alone. He explained that he wanted to kill himself. Our guys were able to pray with him and give him a Bible along with our information. They pointed him to the one true hope Jesus Christ. HE has the power to rescue. HE has the power to save. HE has the power to bring peace, when life seems to be crumbling. HE has the power to comfort when you were alone. We are thankful for everyone who came out last night. We are thankful for all of the people who support this ministry every week. We are thankful for those who pray for us every week. For a living We are thankful for a living, loving Saviour, who promises never to leave us or forsake us. We ended the evening at John 3:16 ministering to the men there. It was quite powerful. They were so thankful for the pizza and prayer.  the Lord is faithful.