Totally Different Person

How the Lord works. Check out number 3!!! Last night we had just a few people to serve with us. Yet, the Lord moved in a mighty way.
1)    A gentleman pulled up next to us in his vehicle (Glen). He requested prayer.
2)   We met a newly married couple, five days of marriage (Frank, Misty), they requested prayer.
3)   Here is what stands out the most. Bridget came out to see us when we were at 11th and Garnett last night. She has been sober for 1 year, has her own apartment, and working at her job for 6 months!!  She was previously homeless , working the streets, doing dope, and her life was out of control. She wanted to come see us and simply say thank you. Wow! That’s humbling. We did nothing but attempt obedience. We all fall so short to HIS GLORY. HE is always working behind the scenes. HE has transformed Bridget from the insude out. She looks like a totally different person. She is healthy! She loves Jesus. She knows what the Lord did in her life. She now pours life into the women out there. The Lord is her HOPE. There were many opportunities last night to simply love people, and to feed them physically and spiritually. You never know who the next Bridget will be. HE tells us to press on and HE WILL GIVE THE INCREASE. So thankful for HIS GRACE and MERCY. HE redeems sinners daily. That’s HUMBLING!