Physically and Spiritually

How the Lord works. We went out last night and HE showed up like usual. HE sent a bunch of kids coming home from the library. One was crying because he didn’t want to leave. He likes to read. His older sister says they had to get home. We happened to have a bunch of kid stuff (books, games, and barbies) to give them. It was all donated and brand new in the packages. The kids go to a local church at 31st and Garnett. Exciting stuff! Next we met a lady (Doris) walking home from the pharmacy, she was released from the hospital yesterday after 5 days. She has COPD and Diabetes. She could barely walk. We were able to give her a ride to a friends residence. She was so thankful ! Next we picked up Quinn, he was very discouraged. He is wanting to get off Meth, he wants to please his 85 year old mom. We offered him options on a long term program to help him with sobriety. Next was Michael, we picked him up walking home from his interview at Bama Pie. HE got the job! Full time with overtime! He now has housing at a sober house! There were so many others we met. Most were simply walking home. We were able to pray with so many. We were able to feed a dog roaming the streets. We were able to feed so many people physically and spiritually! The Lord always sends the right people in HIS perfect timing! HE is faithful! HE delivers! HE is mighty to save! We need more bibles! ESV or NIV large print paperbacks! Thanks in advance!  Bless you!