Ministry continues

Great night on the bus last night. We picked up about 23 people with all sorts of different backgrounds: numerous military veterans to a 22-year-old young man struggling with a meth addiction. It is always encouraging to see familiar faces return week after week as well – not a coincidence! One lady in particular named Jennifer was completely incoherent last week, however this week she was sober. She heard the truth of God’s Word tonight and she stated how tired she is of being on the streets. She has 3 kids and is only 26 years old, and she has been addicted to meth since the age of 16. Please pray for Jennifer to overcome the temptation to get high on drugs, and instead to get into God’s Word. There is hope in Christ to overcome the enemy’s schemes!

Another return visitor last night was Bryce, who was saved on the bus a month ago. He brought another guy named Derrick with him, and we were able to minister to him. It is so encouraging to watch God show up every week! We are thankful for all those who come every week to serve. We can always use more people to come out with us on Thursday nights; just be yourself and allow Christ to work through you. We especially need more women to serve with us. It is amazing what investing time in one’s life will do. He is mighty to save!