A Very Dark Spot

Very touching night on the bus. The night was pretty slow. There were not many people out on the streets. We did meet a few new faces. We met Sarah who was on heroin, she was in a very dark spot in life. She wanted nothing to do with us. Her hand was very swollen and scabbed from her IV drug use. She would not let us pray with her. She took the pizza and kept walking. Please pray for her. The enemy has a grip on her life. We continued on in the evening. We were able to give a nice gentleman a ride home from work. He was thankful for the Pizza and prayer. He was a believer! We were on our way back for the evening when we met Kim and Matt. Kim was a very high energy 48 years young. She began to cry and share her story. She has Struggled with addiction her whole life. She now has AIDS. She says she is ready for Jesus  to come back. Her daughter is a heroin addict. She began to cry when talking about her daughter and this addiction. She desperately wanted prayer for her daughter as well as herself. Kim is working on getting disability. She has been with Matt (boyfriend) for the past 8 years. She is 10 years older than him. We discussed marriage and how that would honor the Lord. We gave her our phone number to help her with life. Please pray for Kim and her daughter. Sin is so destructive. Christ defeated sin on Calvary. Pray specifically that they would listen in obedience as Christ speaks to them. HE will deliver on HIS promises. Please pray for the others we met last night. The Lord knows their names. HE will get victory. HE is faithful.