Thankful Amongst the Storms

How the Lord works! Last night on the bus was incredible. There were not that many people out on the streets. However, the Lord showed his goodness! We met up with April, she and her husband were homeless a while back. We were able to get them squared away with some ID’s so they could find Work. We had not seen them in quite sometime. April is now working 2 jobs! They have their own apartment! They are both off the streets! She explained that she has been able to get a few homeless people jobs where she works at. Pretty powerful stuff! The Lords handiwork on full display ! We met another gentleman named Bobby. He is in a wheelchair and paralyzed from a motorcycle wreck. He is a believer. He explained how the Lord has been working on his life and health. HE is thankful amongst the storms that he has faced. He states that recently he has been regaining some feeling in his legs! Powerful! God is faithful ! HE shows up every week! HE is on the throne! HE has Risen!