So Many People in Need

Last night on the bus was absolutely incredible. We were joined by a youth group out of Skiatook Oklahoma. We hit the streets and met lots of new faces. There are so many people in need right now! The Lord sent us James. We have met him in the past. He is a very nice guy. He has been homeless for the past five years. He has had numerous back surgeries and neck surgeries due to an accident. He is in very bad shape. He can barely walk. Lord willing he will call us tomorrow. We are going to get him a new pair of shoes. James loves Jesus. We met many others. There is a wide variety of people out on the streets. They all have a story. A story that needs to be heard. Most of these people just want someone to listen. Yet, The end of the evening was the highlight. We met up with another ministry that does similar outreach like us. They had their full band set up and their barbecue grill going. There were lots of people sitting in chairs being ministered to. Here is what was incredible. Levi opened up the microphone to the youth to give their testimonies. The first girl got up and knocked it clearly out of the park. She comes from a family of drug addicts. She explained that her dad literally took her to a daddy daughter dance while extremely intoxicated. She called her grandma to explain the situation. This girl‘s mother was a drug addict as well. The grandma began to pray for the situation as well as her daughter.  Shortly thereafter this girl‘s mother got saved and sober. That was 11 years ago. She still is clean today.  Her and her daughter have an awesome relationship now. This girl gave her life to Christ just a few years ago. She is on a mission to tell people about how Jesus restores. HE makes ALL THINGS NEW. That is the God we worship! Many others gave their testimonies last night. They were all very powerful stories of redemption. We look forward to watching the Lord work! HE always SHOWS UP! Please continue to pray for all of these mentioned . Please continue to pray for the refugee family whom we are ministering to. We are in need of a laptop for the dad! Please also pray for these teenagers that we have been ministering to. They are all very close to being 18 years old. There will be much more hurdles to cross for them. Please pray specifically for their salvation. It is very hard to navigate through life without Jesus. it will be an uphill battle. Pray for the generational curse in their lives to be broken! The Lord will do it !